10 Time Saving Blogging Tips

Time SpiralYou probably already know that there is great benefit to blogging when you do it well, but who has the time right? I mean, how are we supposed to fit a workout, 3 square meals, family time, a full work day and an eight hour sleep in 24 hours? Now you want me to start writing articles? Seriously? Yes. Yes, seriously, I do. Here's the thing, there was a time before email and we've made time in our work day for that. There was a time before web sites, and we've made time in our day for that. I think, that if we make the commitment and take into consideration these simple ways to save ourselves some time doing it, the benefits will far outweigh the amount of time it takes to actually do it. Here's how you can save time blogging: 1. Choose a list of headlines ahead of time. Choosing the topic of your blog post is by and large the hardest part. To prevent getting stuck, write 10 headlines at a time. Once you've come up with the headline and the topic, the article practically writes itself. Save them in a list, and as you think of new ideas, add to the list, even if you don't have time at that moment to write. When it's time to sit down and write an article, you have a list of topics to choose from, so half the battle has been won. 2. Save drafts of blog posts and write them in stages. Use apps on your phone or iPad, like the WordPress app or Evernote, to write articles bit by bit while you're in the waiting room at the Doctor's office, while you're in line at the bank or while you're in the dentists chair with that little fluoride tray in your mouth. Even if you just get one sentence in, that's one sentence closer to completing an article. Save the draft and work on it the next time you have to go through air care or get your hair done. 3. Crowdsource - pose a question to your audience on your Facebook page or Twitter account and use their responses to fill your article. 4. Guest Posting - ask someone who would benefit from the exposure your blog would give them, to write a guest post. 5. Divide and conquer - Take a longer blog post and split it into either parts or shorter articles about smaller parts. For instance, if I had broken up this post, I could have done a part 1 and a part 2 or I could have done an entire blog post on each point. 6. When your clients or customers ask you questions via email, use your response to them as a blog post. Just adapt your response email to them, for your blog. 7. Post about other articles. If you read an article and you found it informative, helpful, entertaining, or even if you disagree with it, post a small paragraph teaser from it, with a link to the original article and then include a few sentences or paragraphs on your thoughts about it. 8. Ask your employees to submit their articles. You can even offer a prize to those employees who's articles end up being published on your blog. 9. Post photos from events with a simple explanation of the event. 10. You can also use your blog to mention short pieces of news. Promotion announcements, a major purchase, new rates, and more. It doesn't have to be a lengthy article. Just a quick mention of some company news. Make good use of these 10 points and you'll be blogging like crazy in no time! if you liked this article, please be sure to use the buttons on the left to share it on your favourite social sites and be sure to join me on Facebook.

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