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Courtney Heard

Yeah, this would be me.

Ok, so there’s like 6 things I really love and could never live without. One is my little boy who just turned 8¬†and thinks the purpose of life is to find a Pikachu in the wild. Two: the rest of my family including my punk rock drummer fianc√©, my jet-setting world traveler brother and my mom and dad who are probably watching the Big Bang Theory right about now. Three? My puppy dog and all his animal buddies and their right to live life without pain and suffering. Number four is all people in general and their right to the basics of life, dignity, freedom and respect. Here comes the cool part. #5 is ideas. I am hooked on ideas so much that I never stop having them. There is no problem I can’t find a solution to and I will sleep on it and wake on it and work on it until I find that solution. Obsessive. I warned you. #6? Computers and gadgetry and anything that blinks or beeps or has buttons or touch screens and hotspots and interwebs and apps and so on and so forth… she said with the air of a revolutionary politician giving the speech of her life. Yes. I am a bleeding heart nerd. And my last name is Heard. That totally rhymes.

So, listen. What this means for you is that basically you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for help with any project that requires creative genius, for-profit or nonprofit. It’s just the truth. I’m darn good at what I do, I absolutely love what I do and if I can do it for an organization or cause that helps people, animals or the Earth in any way, it’s an added bonus.

Your Challenge
My name is Heard. I know it’s funny for some of you and you’re probably coming up with jokes about it as you read this. However, I am pretty sure I’ve heard them all. So, if you think you’ve come up with a joke about my last name that I haven’t heard before, post it as a comment below. I’ll let you know if you’ve stumbled on a new one!

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Service Areas

I am happy to meet and discuss my web services with companies and organizations who want a web presence in the South Okanagan, from Penticton to Kelowna. I am also happy to offer my services worldwide and am available for video conference via Skype or Facetime at any time during my work day.