Call me maybe.

Feel free to call or text me on my beloved iPhone I named Jibbers Crabst, a make-believe deity invented by one of my favourite cartoonists. Comment below if you know which cartoonist that is. Then I’ll think you’re very cool and maybe even follow you on Twitter. The phone number is:


You are also welcome to email me, however, if you send me things that do not relate to what I have outlined on this web site, I will bite my thumb at you, sir. The email address is:


I live in the Okanagan, in beautiful Southern British Columbia. I am towards the south end of the lake, but often venture up north as well.

I tweet. @hannysocks.

Other than those contact methods, homeslice, you’re welcome to fill out the following form to leave me a note or ask me a question or just pour compliments on me like syrup on a stack of pancakes. Mmmmm… pancakes. I’m off for breakfast! Talk to you soon!

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Service Areas

I am happy to meet and discuss my web services with companies and organizations who want a web presence in the South Okanagan, from Penticton to Kelowna. I am also happy to offer my services worldwide and am available for video conference via Skype or Facetime at any time during my work day.