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How to Cook Extinct Fish? A-Say-What?

I could honestly browse Kickstarter all day. The ideas and creativity lurking beyond almost every click is fascinating and it just never seems to stop. A steady stream of genius or near-genius that just keeps coming at you. I think I probably lose just as much time to Kickstarter as I do to Reddit, and that’s saying something.

So here’s a Kickstarter I came across the other night from a local chef  (we’re talking Surrey-local, representin’, cannagittawhutwhut) named Alexander Nichols. It’s called the Extinct Fish Cookbook and it’s, pardon my language, stinkin’ brilliant! Basically, it’s a cookbook slash coffee table book slash work of art. 50 species of extinct or soon-to-be extinct fish are going to be featured in it, and it will include, beside some information and artists renderings of the fish, recipes on how to prepare it.

From the campaign page:

This elegant art-cook-book, hard-cover, 18″ x 18″ full-colour flex-bound volume, features 50 extinct or soon-to-be-extinct fish species in renderings produced by students of The Ontario College of Art and the Emily Carr Institute Art School. (Toronto-Vancouver, Canada).

Each ‘species in peril’ will be afforded two facing pages. The left-hand (factual) page will be fifty percent dedicated to the colour lithograph, with an accompanying natural and fisheries retrospective of the fish genome. The right facing (fictional) page will be reserved for the ‘future-story’ of the species with vignettes describing how the fish became extinct. The bottom third of this page will feature a recipe for preparing the ‘extinct fish’. Please refer to for more graphic information and proof-of-concept.

This is a project I can definitely get behind. I love that it is local and I love that its giving opportunities to local art students and highlighting local environmental issues. What species do you hope to see in it? Me?  I’d like to see how you clean up a Dunkleosteus. You can thank me later.

Here’s the project video, and I’ll post the widget below so you can go back it. I know I will. Tell your friends and be sure to follow Alex on Twitter: @Ghostthinker

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