I Got Skillz.

Instead of rambling on and on about how I will buzzword all your company's buzzwords with buzzword buzzwords leaving your company buzzword and buzzword, how about I just dish out a list of what I can do really well? WWeb Design - all my designs are SEO friendly, designed with the end user in mind and come with an administrative backend that's easy to master, even for a monkey. That means, all your updates can be done by yourself or someone already on your team no matter how little they've been around computers before. Total cash saver! SSearch Engine Optimization - I can help your site get found on Google, Bing, Yahoo! and more. Lots of people like to make this job sound super technical and beyond anyone who is not nerdy's comprehension. But here's a little secret: it's easy like pie, baby. I can even teach you, if you want. SSocial Media - More than cat videos and vacuous updates, social media is about the most powerful affordable marketing tool available right now, no matter what your industry is. You can't always do it the same way for each business or organization though, and you need to have a clear cut plan. My plans are also easily executed by just about anyone so you can save money again by doing it yourself after I show you how. AAdvertising - Ad layouts, brochures, business cards, posters, banners, so on and so forth. I just adore making things pretty and effective. AAd Purchasing - Dudes, you can't just buy an ad anywhere and expect it to perform. You need to take into consideration such relevant things as demographics, circulation, supply, demand, competition. Who has time to stay on top of that? That's why you get me to do it. I eat stats for breakfast. Also, really good for a mid-afternoon amuse bouche. GGraphic Design - Logos and vectors and photos, oh my! I'm going to divulge a little secret now. Some Friday nights, when my friends ask me to go to a comedy club or out for a lovely dinner, and I say no? It's because I want to stay home and make illustrations on my computer. I call it geek out night. Don't tell anyone. CCopywriting - I can write forever about just about anything. Professionally, technically, writing to entertain, writing to inform, you name it, I can write it. FFundraising - I'm really good at this. And really exceptionally passionate about it. I love to have a seemingly ridiculous goal, and reaching it through unconventional ways. In my opinion, there is always a way to reach a fundraising goal. I've had the pleasure of raising money for tons of worthy organizations, such as the Innocence Project, Peanut Pet Shelter of Playa Del Carmen, the Make-A-Wish Foundation and many more. EEvents - If you're holding an awareness or fundraising event, I'm your lady. I have the contacts, the resources and a real knack for getting things for free. My most recently completed event was the Second Annual Run For Recovery in Surrey, BC. OOther - Beyond these things, there's plenty of related stuff I find myself doing for my clients, such as fixing their Apple products, troubleshooting software issues, setting up tech-based organization using the Cloud, helping groups use tech to collaborate on projects, teaching people how to do what I do, giving talks about the importance of a good web presence and other marketing related topics. I really love cooking, too and do a mean pork roast with apples and cinnamon. That may have been slightly irrelevant. I get that and am going to stop before I mention how much I love swimming and how I try to swim laps daily.