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Web Design Web Design
I design, for the most part, in WordPress. I hate the label "Wordpress Ninja", though. I'm more of a WordPress Hypnotist, or maybe a WordPress Magician. The days I love the most are days when I am designing a web site and one small thing is not going the way it should. It's minuscule but important because every little detail of a web site adds up to its sum total. So, I focus on this problem like Siddhartha under the Bodhi tree. With laser concentration and tunnel vision. All I see is that code and I stare that code down until it starts to shiver with fear. And then my keyboard starts clicking and I am unsure if I am actually in control. Trial and error, over and over until the problem is not only fixed, but in the process of fixing it, I have figured out, on my own, how to give a tree squirrel a liver transplant. What does this mean for you? It means you get a website that is perfect down to the smallest detail, easy to update yourself, has an admin area that is not complicated and is run on a powerful piece of software that is open source, making it absolutely free. Get your web design quote now, click here.  
Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization is the act of grooming your web site so it's welcoming enough for the search engines to want to show it to everyone first when they search for keywords that relate to your content. There is a lot to factor in to a good SEO campaign, but it is not at all complicated. Anyone can keep it up. That's why I will create the plan for you and if you want to continue the plan yourself to save money, that is entirely possible. However, being as it is time consuming, I also execute the plans myself if that's what you prefer. Get your SEO estimate now, click here.    
Social Media Social Media
Here's the thing. Whether your organization is on social media or not, people are still talking about it somewhere. Don't let other people control what is said about you and your company. Get into social media and guide the conversation so that it benefits you. I can either do it for you or show you how. Get your Social Media estimate now, click here.