Brand Exposure

Put your cookie cutters away.

I once volunteered for a rescue pet shelter in Mexico. Did I mention I lived there for two years? Si. Mi hijo nació allí. Anyway, the couple who selflessly ran the shelter were at every event and party in the city, wearing their t-shirts, mingling, mixing and talking about their organization. Together, the two of them made enough money on a monthly basis, in a small Mexican tourist town, to feed, at times, 80 shelter dogs and cats, house and feed themselves and her son, with money left over to host a little fun in honour of the dogs. Their trick, was eating, sleeping and breathing their brand; becoming the embodiment of their brand. Even when they were paying for a ferry ride to Cozumel, they were thinking, how can I use this situation as an advantage to my brand? One of the coolest things they did was, every Saturday, the Expatriate community, the locals and all the tourists were allowed to come to the shelter and bathe and play with the dogs. While the dogs didn't need bathing every week, it brought people in to meet the animals and they usually left having given something, having adopted a pet or having become a lifetime supporter.
Puppy washing

Dog wash day in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

It's ideas like dog wash Saturdays that are the most effective when it comes to brand awareness and exposure, not the sweet little packaged ideas you find on all the other marketing web sites that have a pre-designed format and a set price. You absolutely must think outside of the box and format a plan and goal set that suits your business but would not suit any other.