Brand Invention

This is going to be the greatest invention ever.

Remember way back at the turn of the millennium when it was announced that some guy named Dean Kamen was finalizing the details on the greatest invention the World had ever seen? Everyone was speculating: a time machine? A transporter? A Replicator? Am I a Star Trek fan? Is the sky blue? Yeah. We thought we were gonna be able to sip hot Earl Grey the same way Picard did on the Enterprise, or at least go back in time to that moment in fourth grade when your teacher called you out in front of the class and you didn't have enough time to come up with the comeback you've worked on ever since. Noooo. What did we get? What was the greatest invention of all time?
Segway - Greatest Invention Ever

This. Hardly the greatest invention of all time.

That's right. It was the Segway. Now, in spite of the fact that the hype was so much bigger than the end product and many people found themselves disappointed, this marketing plan was pure genius. I really don't think retailers and dealers would have picked up and sold the Segway without all that hype. I think it would have fizzled out the same way the Apple Newton did. The whole thing just whiffed of the Babe Ruth calling-your-shot move as played by Jake Taylor, catcher for the fictional Cleveland Indians in the movie Major League. He pointed to the stands to indicate a home-run, and then bunted. Freaking epic. Now, obviously not all brand launches need to be that huge and dramatic. If you're just a dentist office in Kelowna, you're probably not going to need coverage in the New York Times to launch your office and your name. You need to know your potential audience and target those exact people in such a way that they will never forget your brand. Sometimes this is easy, especially for nonprofits, and sometimes this is hard. Either way, it's more than doable and I am more than capable of doing it.