Gimme all your money.

Fundraising should not feel like you're robbing people. I've worked for enough nonprofits to know that some of their methods make you feel like a burglar, a thief, a scoundrel.
Fundraising Burglar

Don't let your fundraising methods make you feel like this.

No, if it doesn't feel fun and right, you're doing it wrong. There is always a way to get people to give money and have them feel good about it. You want them to walk away talking about it and to stay in touch with you either through your social media efforts, newsletters or events. You want them to jump on every opportunity to give and not just give once to get you out of their hair. This requires someone who has used all the tried and true methods of fundraising, but who also thinks outside of the box and can come up with new, buzzworthy ways at the drop of a hat. And that person, my wonderful socially conscious friends, is me.