Thinkin’ Way Out The Box

Okay. So I might be a little bit crazy.

Einstein Crazy

Oh, Einstein. You so crazy.

If you've gotten this far into my web site, you've probably picked up on this already. However, one person's crazy is another person's genius. Think of all the great minds in history and how many of them were called crazy. Now, I'm not likening myself to Einstein or anything, but if you really want to make a mark, if you really want innovation and creativity, you have to find someone just a little... different. I am that. What is thinking outside the box? You've heard a million people say it, you've heard it thrown around like a football in the Cleveland Browns' endzone. But what does it really mean? Thinking outside of the box, simply, is doing things that aren't normally done in the given situation. You can think outside of the box with regards to parenting, education, your garden or even what you wear on your feet. When it comes to business and marketing, thinking outside of the box is paramount to innovation, progress and forward motion. If we all continued to do the same things over and over, the world would have no color, no substance, no direction and no excitement. There would be no inventions, no curiosity, no mystery. Just dull, grey life. Innovation and progress are nowhere near the box. If you want to take your business to the next step, maybe we should think up something crazy.