The Pros and Cons of Being the Boss Again


Shucks. I just wanna do some marketing.

I've spent the last large chunk of time being the Marketing Director of a pretty cool Foundation that helps tons of people. While I loved the organization and people, I chose my profession for a reason: I adore it. I wasn't able to use most of my skills there and as it started to become more of an administrative assistant position than marketing, I made the very difficult decision to leave so I can pursue my true love (sorry, Honey), which is, of course, creative marketing.

With this big change comes a lot of pros and cons. I thought I would share some of them with you, you know, in case you ever find yourself in the position of making a similar decision.

PRO: I am the boss again. When I have an amazing idea that I know will work for my business, I no longer have to pitch it to someone and hope they see the brilliance in it. I can just do it. I make the final call on everything.

CON: I work alone. I miss my people. I adore being around people, I feed off their energy and tap into their genius. The solution to this is to go on a lot of sales calls and collaborate with lots of people. I mean, I love my puppy dog, but there's only so much you can talk about with one. Bones, dinner, walks, car rides… don't tell my Rocky, but, it gets old.

PRO: I can work from anywhere. I can take my laptop or my iPad and sit in a cafe or work side by side with my client. I can work while I travel, which makes coordinating vacation time with my fiancé that much easier. I love the freedom to move around and still get all my work done well.

CON: I have to take care of every aspect of the business. I don't have an accountant or a sales person. I have to be a jack of all trades. I am lucky that I'm a genius because otherwise that stuff could get really hard.

PRO: All the success is mine! Mine all mine! No one else did it. It was just me, my ideas, my creativity and when you do something really well and it's all you, it's a wonderful feeling.

CON: No one to share my success with. While having your own successes is awesome, sharing those with people you work with is so much fun.

PRO: The amount of success, and lets be real, the amount of money I can make, is unlimited. With a salary position in another company, you only make what you make until you get raises. If I feel like I need to make more money, or take on more clients, I just step up my game.

CON: No one takes it seriously when you work at home. I have done it on and off for a dozen years now and people still imagine I just sit at home and stare at a wall. I'm the default for getting anything done during business hours whether I am busy or not. I have to ignore social phone calls and chat requests and texts from friends when I am loaded with work to do and inevitably someone ends up upset. But, no matter how many times you explain it to them, "No, dude, I actually am working when I am at home" they just can't seem to wrap their minds around it. I know there's a lot of you out there that feel that exact pain.

PRO: I can cook a fresh lunch! This keeps my mind fresh and my body feeling good.

CON: Sometimes my dog barks in the background when I am on the phone. But, most of my clients understand. When you hire me, you hire a rescued husky/rotty/shepherd mix with a lot of emotional baggage, too.

Rocky Rescue Dog

Oh, hey Mom! Just laying here in the sun waiting 'til you're on the phone again. Then I'm gonna bark. K, thx, bai.

Do you work from home? Have you ever? Are you your own boss? What do you think the good and bad things are about it? Post a comment below, I'd love to know your opinions!

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